500 grams Iranian thin bread
400 grams feta cheese in cubes
500 grams mixed herbs (parsley, coriander, spring onions)


Iranian bread should be warmed up before serving but avoid over-heating it which will make it too dry.

Wash the herbs with cold water and let dry. Cut onions into 4-5 cm pieces, and parsley and coriander into small pieces. You can add other herbs or vegetables of choice such as mint leaves or radishes. Serve with the bread and feta cheese.

To eat, cut a small piece of bread, place a piece of feta cheese and some herbs in the middle, and wrap the bread around them.

One thought on “Naan-o-Paneer-o-Sabzi

  1. lal singh kushwaha says:

    i have read so many recipes on paneer/panir but not a single source from where i can get it from iran. i live in new delhi,india. i have heard so much about panir in iran being very delicious as compared to indian paneer. can any one provide me address who can send by courier some panir to india against charges? my id is
    Lal singh kushwaha

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