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  • 3 lbs Thoroughly Washed Prunes


1- Transfer prunes to a pot.
2- Add enough water to cover the prunes in half.
3- Cover the pot with a lid. Simmer over medium heat for 30 minutes.
4- Stir the prunes while boiling. At this point, the prunes should fall apart and the seeds should fall out.
5- Continue boiling the prunes for 30 more minutes.
6- Turn off the heat, Mash the prunes down and allow them to cool.
7- Run the prunes through a colander to get the seeds and un dissolved skin.
8- Cover a cookie pan with plastic wrap.
9- Spread the prunes across the pan to make a thin layer.
10- Keep the Lavashak outdoor for few days (depending on the heat) until it dries partially or reaches the density you would prefer before serving.



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