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2 cups Basmati rice

3 medium sized carrots (grated or sliced into small pieced)

5 pieces chicken thighs

1 teaspoon saffron



Bay Leaves

5 Tablespoons vegetable oil


Soak the rice with 1 teaspoon salt for 1 hour. Add 1 teaspoon of saffron to 1/4 cup boiling water. Put the chicken thighs in a small pot. Add salt, turmeric and bay leaves and cover with boiling water. Simmer for 35 minutes or until chicken is cooked. Fry the sliced carrots in a pot with 2 tbsp vegetable oil until tender. Simmer the soaked rice until tender and drain the rice in a colander. Mix the fried carrots and the drained rice until well mixed. Pour 2 tbsp vegetable oil in a large pot. Lay the cooked chicken thighs across the pot. Add the rice and carrots mixture to the pot and spread across to cover the chicken thighs. Add 1 tbsp vegetable oil on top of rice. Cover the pot with a large napkin and put the lid on top. Cook 20 to 25 minutes. Remove the napkin, add the saffron to the pot and cover it again. Cook for 15 more minutes before serving.

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